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Principal's Message

At Watters School 24, we are a "Community of Learners and Leaders".  We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality education for all of the students in our school community by meeting the needs of EVERY student through cultural competence, social-emotional learning, and project-based learning. In 8 years, our staff has been committed to personal and professional growth and development.  When they become champions of the work, they are willing to mentor, support and encourage the work of their peers.
As a product of the Jersey City Public Schools, it is my pleasure to have served in the school system for 21 years as a teacher, literacy coach, library media specialist, assistant principal and now the principal.  I consider myself the lead learner in our school community, and I am pursuing my doctorate in Educational Leadership at Fordham University.  I pride myself on learning alongside my staff, consistently seeking opportunities to build my craft and that of my staff.
We have partnered with Rutgers SECD lab for social and emotional learning, NPLI for leadership, Liberty Science Center for STEM, Legacy Pathways for math, KDTF for literacy, Buck Institute for Project-Based Learning and numerous cultural community-based organizations to address the individual needs of our students. We believe in educating the whole child in order to impact a global community.  You will often hear me say, "This is the greatest work we will ever do, investing in students that will impact the world long after we are gone."  It is my pleasure to serve this community, that has served me well!